Road Map Of Contradictions ~ 2010 ~ In Memory April 13, 2012

You cannot see what I see
And I cannot feel what you feel
A loss as to the outcome
A conflict that is much to real
Pain for you I cannot fathom
And my fear you cannot grasp
We dance on a sharp edge
A complicated mess
Is it normal what my eyes behold
When you feel no pain
I can only look to the past
Of what I know
And you do not seem the same
Many years have passed us by
And changes have been made
Still you change every day
It is hard to comprehend
I look at you with loving eyes
You fail to see I care
I want to help
To ease your pain
But the cost is hard to bare
Yes this pain is yours my love
It is in your hands alone
You are unable to let me share this burden
You say you must do this on your own
Sadly I am unable to understand
The road map of your thoughts
I will stand and wait for the day
When you can take me along.

BJH ~ 2010


This was inspired by someone whom I loved dearly who struggled with addiction. Sadly not all can be helped. Eventually you have to walk away to save your own life. Good Luck ALP

April 13, 2012

Sad to say the addiction took over and he passed away. Rest In Peace ALP