Approved by the Sun God

It’s a quiet afternoon
Sitting with Mr. sun
Replay the past two weeks
In my scattered brain
I just smile
The color of my yellow daffodils
A season for new life
A metaphor
For these 14 days
Earth and Air
Green and Yellow
Two damaged poets
The Sun God smiles down
I feel magick
Magick in the smells and sounds
Surrounding me
Darkness gone
An epiphany of sorts
coming from that first kiss
The Fates take over
Intertwining silken life lines
Three words lovers say
We said with our eyes
not yet letting
The words leave our lips
Perfect alignment
with all of the cosmos
As Raoul Duke would say
“All energy flows according to the whims of the Great Magnet”
Such a lazy afternoon
Turning feelings into words
With approval of Mr. Sun


Reference to Raoul Duke from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson

Written for my Soul Mate…. A last minute long time no see, now turned into forever and a day

Word Play Revisited

Electric and intense
Friends turn to soul-mates
O-60 in less then a second
Intellectual stimulation
Prelude to intense passion
Foreplay with words
A seduction so subtle
Leads to euphoric pleasure
Night turns to day turns to night
Flowing on waves of words and bitten lips
Perfect harmony
Twin souls

BJH 04-13-2011

Yes the boy with the shadowed eyes from many years ago.. We reconnected recently and this time… the Stars were aligned and my Star Wishes came true, With the added bonus of a 3 or 4 year writers block finally broke

Just Roll

In a white haze
Silver tipped tongue
Flashes of what could be
Don’t think tonight
just roll

Snow is falling
Hands of ice
Kiss me now
Forget the price

In a white haze
Shadowed eyes
Silver tipped tongue that tells no lies
Don’t think tonight
Just roll

BJH 02-05-06

Word Play

White waves
Smoke filled eyes
Stories of life
Something clicks inside my head
I look at eyes with a new found spin
Share a drink
Share some smokes
Keep your cool
Don’t rock the boat
Night goes away
On with the day
Words at play
Time to go
Nothing to say
A surprise touch
Words unsaid
It’s just me
With my new found spin
Wondering about the brown eyed man.

BJH 02-05-06

I wrote this about a friend of mine after a night of altered reality. We shared a smoke our views on the written word and random silliness. I left that night with an old-school make you blush crush.