Word Play Revisited

Electric and intense
Friends turn to soul-mates
O-60 in less then a second
Intellectual stimulation
Prelude to intense passion
Foreplay with words
A seduction so subtle
Leads to euphoric pleasure
Night turns to day turns to night
Flowing on waves of words and bitten lips
Perfect harmony
Twin souls

BJH 04-13-2011

Yes the boy with the shadowed eyes from many years ago.. We reconnected recently and this time… the Stars were aligned and my Star Wishes came true, With the added bonus of a 3 or 4 year writers block finally broke

2 responses to “Word Play Revisited

  1. You’re awesome & I knew you could seize both an aggressive, positive tone as well as disregard the rhyme scheme on favor for a more intrinsic rhythm. Far too nice as always, if I ever meet the guy I’m gonna shake his hand! Very impressive use of language as well as imagery. Keep up the kick-ass writing!


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