Poetic Mix 04-03-2005

I write of colors
I write of dreams
I write of castles, princes and screams

Sometimes I am an angel
Flying alone in the night

Sometimes I am a princess
In search of her knight

Sometimes I am wicked
With demons I fly

Sometimes I am frozen
With emptiness inside

Sometimes a prism of emotional hues
Always a poet and sometimes a muse

I write about colors
I write about dreams
I write about castles, princes, and screams



5 responses to “Poetic Mix 04-03-2005

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  2. love the word flow.
    well done..

    Invite you to join poets rally week 42, awards are given to first time participants.

    You will love the encouragements you get once you are in and make commitment.

    Love your blog and writing style.

    You Rock!

    hope to see you in, visit me and find the link in my post.

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