Red River ~ 02-22-03

Red and smooth like silken sheets
Flowing from my endless sea
Staining pictures of memories
Scarring skin of white ice cream
Red and swirling droplets glow
Sliding down my wrist so cold
Washing my minds window pane
Red so much purer then drops of rain
Swirling, glowing, softly flowing
Memories hazy
My eyes are clearing
My pain is numb
Red and smooth like silken sheets
Makes a pool of purity
My secret habit goes to sleep
Once again I am clean.

by BJH 02-22-03

Shadow Life ~ 07-03-08

Muted colors before my eyes
Dull and lifeless a shadow life
My moon has left me
and my stars don’t shine
In endless pain I spend my time
Shadow world is where I stay
Whispers of what used to be bright and gay
The sun has left me
The clouds have formed
In endless rain I have been reborn
A wraith in life
So close to death
Just one final kiss
Until one last breath.

by BJH 07-03-08

The Park Bench 12-03-2004

The sky was a cold steel gray
Looking down at the man on the bench
The park still and solemn
As if in preparation for a prayer

The young man sat there sadly
With paper and pen in hand
In his eyes were hidden stories
From far away forgotten lands

Trial and terrible woe
Always his constant companion
Yet still he tried to write
Of love and great compassion

A whisper touched his temple
While he silently began to write
It brought the faintest smell of perfume
On this stark December night

In a glimmer of a moment
A forgotten smile returned to his face
A happiness entered his writing
His pen wrote at a frantic pace

Snow began to fall in this quiet park
The man finished his composition
He strolled off into the dark

Unaware that as he wrote
An Angel had been at his side
Leaving a kiss on his temple
Leaving her mark on his life

12-03-2004 Bonnie Jean Higgins

This was written for my dear friend Paul D. Aronson who always encouraged me to keep dreaming and keep writing. Paul finally accomplished his dream when he published his first novel “The Resurrection Diaries”