Red River ~ 02-22-03

Red and smooth like silken sheets
Flowing from my endless sea
Staining pictures of memories
Scarring skin of white ice cream
Red and swirling droplets glow
Sliding down my wrist so cold
Washing my minds window pane
Red so much purer then drops of rain
Swirling, glowing, softly flowing
Memories hazy
My eyes are clearing
My pain is numb
Red and smooth like silken sheets
Makes a pool of purity
My secret habit goes to sleep
Once again I am clean.

by BJH 02-22-03

2 responses to “Red River ~ 02-22-03

  1. Awesome imagery as always. You have a remarkable skill for taking me with you in your poetry that gives a solid depth of emotion to the pictures you paint. Time spent reading through your poetry is always enjoyable. Can’t wait ot read more, so keep posting! See you soon,


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