Haunt Me ~ 3.24.04

::Haunt Me::

Sea green eyes calling from the midst of the ocean
Churning by the beacon of safety
Calling to me softly
Not caring about the rocks in the wake
Eyes that look so peaceful
Roll restlessly by the danger line
I am helpless as I wade into the ocean black
I drop my gown as I wade into the midnight depths
Don’t look back sweet angel
For this is a night to remember
Cold water rises to my neck
As the moon shimmers in the icy waves
Stop… mid step
Waves crashing on the shore
And all I see is mesmerizing green
Eyes of peaceful safety
Beyond the point of fear
And under I go
My hair fanning out in the ghostly waters
Going to the love I feel
Knowing this is only a dream
And when I wake I shall be alone with the taste of sea green passion on my lips
I know this is unrequited
When the sea foams restlessly
I shall go willingly
Lost in the sea green eyes that haunt me.