He Didn’t Realize

He gave me the moon and the stars
He put them in the palm of my hand
Only he could do that
Give me all I ever wanted
Just a simple thing
A toy really
A yellow bouncy ball
Covered in stars and half moons
He didn’t realize what he did
Giving me that small gift
First star wishes
Goddess Moon
The indigo sky that inspires me to write
He put them all in the palm of my hand
And he didn’t even know it.

Baby you know this is for you. Like I said you turn my stormclouds into sunshine. I love you, it took 5 years to get to three weeks.

He gave me the moon and the stars

Beyond The Fence

It’s chilly today
Sitting on my swing
Absorbing unhealthy amounts of pollen
Random thoughts of this morning
Clyde’s massive burp at IHop
My son’s big eyes over a Spongebob lava lamp
Happy to turn 13
Creepy crawly feeling
Is something brewing?
I need to make green beans for my monster son
Wild strawberries grow in my yard
My yard is fenced in
Not so wild I guess
I used to climb those trees
Skin my knees
Smoke unholy cigarettes behind the fence
Gunfire at the Marine Base shakes the windows sometimes
Sitting on my poetry swing
Always fenced in
Except for when I’m with Clyde
It really is chilly.


Fenced In

My Poetry Swing

Dreamscape Poetry

Dreamscape Poetry

I write about angels, demons and screams
I write about princes, castles and dreams
I write about emotions and mystical things
I write about love and the blood that it brings

I write for poets, for lovers and me
I write for enemies and emotional release
I write for breath, for death, for need
I write to calm my stormy seas

I am a princess, a poet, a witch and a muse
I am a fallen angel with wings of blue
I am the ghost of the lake the child of the moon
I am the nightmare that waits to frighten you

I live in a world of fairytales and dreams
In a tower overlooking a moonlit sea
I visit Andromeda and Saturn’s ring
I walk through hell and demon screams

My mind is s trip through heaven and hell
A world of fantasy and wizard spells
Pictures of love and anguish as well
Please take a look and fare the well

by Bonnie Jean Higgins

Camelot By The Shore ~ 09.13.04

I see them walking along the shoreline
The waves lapping at their feet
Like the cover of a dusty old romance novel
Her gown is a deep green
His armor glints in the sunlight
They are Camelot come to life
I watch them as they stop and gaze out at the waves
Holding each others hands
I wonder what they speak of
Alone there on the sand
As I wander along the shoreline
I watch their image shimmer
Fading back into the past of some unwritten history
My sigh is unheard by the ocean
As I turn to leave the shore
Does love like this still linger
In this modern fast paced world


Colbalt Gown ~ 04-22-05

Garnet lines
Ivory skin
Emerald eyes
Darkened lids
Ruby lips
Angelic smile
Cobalt gown
Catches fire
Burning flesh
Smoking tears
Fearless mind
Tortured years
Cobalt gown
Catches fire
Singing softly
Funeral Pyre