Beyond The Fence

It’s chilly today
Sitting on my swing
Absorbing unhealthy amounts of pollen
Random thoughts of this morning
Clyde’s massive burp at IHop
My son’s big eyes over a Spongebob lava lamp
Happy to turn 13
Creepy crawly feeling
Is something brewing?
I need to make green beans for my monster son
Wild strawberries grow in my yard
My yard is fenced in
Not so wild I guess
I used to climb those trees
Skin my knees
Smoke unholy cigarettes behind the fence
Gunfire at the Marine Base shakes the windows sometimes
Sitting on my poetry swing
Always fenced in
Except for when I’m with Clyde
It really is chilly.


Fenced In

My Poetry Swing

17 responses to “Beyond The Fence

  1. That might be the best poem of yours I have ever read. You really hit this one out of the park; I am so proud of you for the way you put this one together. The clarity of emotion is overwhelming and your usual brilliant use of imagery is evident from start to finish. Every word works well against the context of the poem. There is no better compliment I can give than to say this is something I wish I had written. Most excellent job on this one. The style complimented your poetic voice beautifully.


    • Thank you this means a lot… far from you getting on me many years ago to expand out of my bubble of poems that rhyme. Thank you again for kicking me in the butt and getting me writing again after my 4 year break.

  2. Beautiful, powerful imagery.Very good descriptive poem. I love the idea of a poetry swing, or just somewhere to set apart for writing, I just write when the muse takes me, often in college time, though I dislike the idea of being fenced in. Great poem.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  3. This poetry of yours is really down to earth and filled with grace and caring, comedy too. I loved your line about our physical reality in your son’s burp! A very beautiful and humble write! Thanks for sharing your very own special every day America in poetry! Cindy

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