Camelot By The Shore ~ 09.13.04

I see them walking along the shoreline
The waves lapping at their feet
Like the cover of a dusty old romance novel
Her gown is a deep green
His armor glints in the sunlight
They are Camelot come to life
I watch them as they stop and gaze out at the waves
Holding each others hands
I wonder what they speak of
Alone there on the sand
As I wander along the shoreline
I watch their image shimmer
Fading back into the past of some unwritten history
My sigh is unheard by the ocean
As I turn to leave the shore
Does love like this still linger
In this modern fast paced world


3 responses to “Camelot By The Shore ~ 09.13.04

  1. I’m watching Starz series Camelot now, your poem is an absolute match with my view of how love was back then … hidden in the edges of the Guinevere’s gown and the Arthur’s sword …

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