Dreamscape Poetry

Dreamscape Poetry

I write about angels, demons and screams
I write about princes, castles and dreams
I write about emotions and mystical things
I write about love and the blood that it brings

I write for poets, for lovers and me
I write for enemies and emotional release
I write for breath, for death, for need
I write to calm my stormy seas

I am a princess, a poet, a witch and a muse
I am a fallen angel with wings of blue
I am the ghost of the lake the child of the moon
I am the nightmare that waits to frighten you

I live in a world of fairytales and dreams
In a tower overlooking a moonlit sea
I visit Andromeda and Saturn’s ring
I walk through hell and demon screams

My mind is s trip through heaven and hell
A world of fantasy and wizard spells
Pictures of love and anguish as well
Please take a look and fare the well

by Bonnie Jean Higgins

32 responses to “Dreamscape Poetry

  1. I read your poem before and still remember it. For some motive I failed to comment. And if I still remember, that’s the best compliment on your writing, a very enthusiastic one. Keep writing!

  2. You are good with words, I love your world of fairytales and the visit to Saturn’s ring … I could imagine the whimsical steps out of space, the breathtaking view to the moonlit sea … I will sure be back to read more of you!

  3. Ah, this is just my kind of poem. I too live in a fantasy world of dark dreams and screams. Wonderful work.


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