Mind Circus

Downward spiral here we go
Anxiety exploding
Anger is growing
I hate not being able to control this
Yes, you love me
You have not seen the edge
My edge
Or the fall
The plunge into the dark
Tears fall
No reason
Just so damn stuck
Four leaf clover was a joke
I hear my blue lace agate clock tick
I want to SCREAM
I want to RUN
Nowhere to go
I can’t get away from my mind
It’s not normal
I’m frantically writing
Tears smearing ink
It’s so damn cold in here
Have to hide this mad slip
From family
Am I feeling fatal?
I think so
Yes we have reached the red zone
Don’t push the button
Shaking rage?
Not sure
Damn it Stupid Girl!
Stop your shit
When I think I am better
When I feel I am happy
There she goes
Down, down, down
Gave all the razors away
I want to SCREAM!!!!!!
Here we go
Let my Circus begin!

May 2011 ~ BJH