Aqua Sea 08-25-2005

::Aqua Sea::

Blue and gray
To lavender pink
The twilight horizon in an ocean dream
Her mind is far from the colorful sky
Lost in thoughts of a missed goodbye
Green and blue
To the aqua sea
Eyes of the lovers that were meant to be
Her mind drifts back to their kiss goodbye
He did not see the tear that she cried
Blue to black
To glowing moon
Waves are crashing the march of doom
Her mind comes back to the starlit sea
She sheds a tear for her vanishing dream

Inspired by my trip to Assateague Island

Assateague Island

Depth-less Eyes

Falling fast into depthless eyes
Feelings are fighting to see the light
Holding back from an angelic smile
Is she ready to give her heart away for life

Thinking thoughts of two forever
Love in sunshine and stormy weather
Fear is fading into a smile
But darkness keeps her from his side

Her demons haunt her wanting heart
Shadows keeping her from a perfect start
Love is breaking her will inside
As she gazes into depthless eyes.