Green Licorice and Cherry Snow Lollipops

My neurotransmitters are not transmitting
Neurons not getting needed information
Are my mind and body not in sync?
Lack of information going to proper locations
Unable to process
What is going on at this present moment?
Thinking the same thought over and over with different wording,
Is this what I really want to say?
So I say nothing because this is much to complicated
I decide that my mind and body are not out of sync
It is a revelation that comes from the fact that I am
in fact thinking and typing and typing what i am thinking
So what is not transmitting?????
Rules and regulations
The part of the mind that stores this type of information
I like my neurotransmitters blocking this select part
lazy neurons
So I feel free
Head in the air
Like I am 5 years old going to the county fair
Eating green licorice because it looks gross
And sucking cherry snow flavored lollipops because
at 5 I know they are made of real snow
And when it is almost summer tasting snow is magick
I was a strange little girl.
Today was a good day
Two months into a long over due spring and summer only a skip away
It magickly snowed cherry flavored lollipops
while I was hanging out with two great friends
We shared green licorice that still is kinda gross to me
I kissed my boyfriend, fave writer and biggest fan.
He handed me some magick cherry snow
and in perfect sync our neurotransmitters stopped transmissions
BJH 05-19-2011

This is dedicated to J.D., M.R and B.G. and of course my own Caribbean Fool. ~ Good Times man Good Times

::She Never Made It Home::

::She Never Made It Home::

Going home it’s cold outside
My breath freezes as icy vapor
The moon she shows me the path to take
On an otherwise dark winters night
The forest sleeps only the sound of my footsteps
Alone in solitude
Going home to a warm fireside
Where family tells tales of old dreams
The wind starts blowing stinging my face
It tries to snatch the cloak from my embrace
Shadows form, clouds cover the moon
On this cold wintry night
Listening to elders while I sit on the floor
Sounds they creak as the shadows advance
I realize that I am not alone
And all I want is to go home