Manic Babble

Just like the old days
Prior to the meds
My mind won’t shut up
So therefore I cannot sleep
On the edge of tears
Feeling fatal
So frickin cold in this room
No one to talk too
Everyone’s asleep
And I most assuredly am manic
considering the amount of prescription
downers in my system
The Manic phase
So long since I have had one
Needless writing
Write all the words out of my mind
Alas, there are always more to replace them
Just like old school days
When my mind raced and raced
No sleep when on the up end of a two sided disorder
Just more words free hand on paper
To be sorted through later
Trying to make sense of my manic babble
It is still really cold in this room
And my poet who pushes me to write
Is asleep by my side…
While I am stuck with all of these words

BJH 05-20-2011

And hey J.D. thanx for the quick head check

This poem is brought to you by the letter “B” Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstien and a Fool

::Broken Green Pen::

I am looking at a brown baseball cap
It has a big red B on it.
B for Boston Red Sox
As the guy wearing the hat hails from Boston
He is wearing it backwards
I look at that big red “B” it has other meanings for me
Other then Target… that starts with T anyway
B is for Bop
B is for Bang
B is for Bash
B is for Bat as in baseball bat
Basically i want to use one of these ” B words”
To inflict something uncomfortable
Cause something unfavorable
To happen to the guy across the room
Who is wearing the brown baseball cap with the Big Red B
I like the Red Sox so that is not the reason
for me wanting to brain this ball cap wearing dude
In fact I love the boy across the room
wearing the brown Boston baseball cap bearing the big letter B
My issue with him is that he gave me this damn green pen to write with
And it keeps running out of ink
B is for Bonnie beaming a broken pen at
A guy wearing a brown baseball cap

Acknowledgments (part of the damn poem or more the creative flow??? Who Knows so don’t stop reading!!)

I would like to thank Dr. Seuss for helping me learn to rhyme words and start all sentences or words of sentences with the same letter and for The Foot Book because it is true “everywhere you go there are feet, feet, feet, oh how many feet you meet”

I would like to thank Shel Silverstein for writing “Where The Sidewalk Ends” It was my intro to poetry and the only poet I would read until many years later when i discovered the joy of Edgar Alan Poe…. both men disturbed… but full of imagination.

And of course the Fool with the baseball cap who pushes me to write more and not rhyme so much… Dr. Seuss knows where you sleep dude and the three above mentioned great crazy writers of our time wrote in Rhyme too HA!

BJH 05-20-2011