Manic Babble

Just like the old days
Prior to the meds
My mind won’t shut up
So therefore I cannot sleep
On the edge of tears
Feeling fatal
So frickin cold in this room
No one to talk too
Everyone’s asleep
And I most assuredly am manic
considering the amount of prescription
downers in my system
The Manic phase
So long since I have had one
Needless writing
Write all the words out of my mind
Alas, there are always more to replace them
Just like old school days
When my mind raced and raced
No sleep when on the up end of a two sided disorder
Just more words free hand on paper
To be sorted through later
Trying to make sense of my manic babble
It is still really cold in this room
And my poet who pushes me to write
Is asleep by my side…
While I am stuck with all of these words

BJH 05-20-2011

And hey J.D. thanx for the quick head check

7 responses to “Manic Babble

  1. You are welcome B.
    I finally made it back to the Dreamscape. It is good to see that you are active again. The cobwebs were getting thick for awhile. lolz. Let the babble flow and hopefully you will find a way to ease your manic mind. I am going to strap on my headgear and chill out. If I am still awake before dawn, I just might pick up my DSLR and snap some pics. Poor thing has been neglected. 😦

    P.S. Speaking of babble, click on this

    • holy crap my mind was totally unable to comprehend the beginning of the link and you know me to well… Remember that is the only reason why your EVIL Mac is ok,,, dying in the hospital you burned me some cure cd’s.
      OK anyway drew and i are going to get rid of some dandruff on the coffee table… weird

  2. Sorry for everything tonight. It did not go as planned. Mayne tomorrow will be better after the rapture? Certainly there is something to be said for writing out your emotions with such an honest appraisal of the situation. Perhaps we need to get away soon? Great poem as always, sorry for &(*king up the last 48. Love your poetry almost as much as I love you.


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