5:30 am and it’s flipping cold
The sun is rising
The birds are doing their morning gossip
And I have insomnia
Damn sleeping pills didn’t work
Had a disconnected day
People I knew were in and out all day
I was not part of the conversations
Lost in my own weird brain
Writing the hours away
Until Clyde and I were alone
We talked or more like
I babbled and he listened
After all it was 4am
What was lacking today?
Our normal word play
Our normal playful flirting
He fell asleep
And I am still awake
Feeling kinda blue
Wondering how our two month Anniversary
Involved everyone but us two
It was not a good day
Nor was it a bad day
It was our day lost
To unexpected visitors
That left around 3am
The Sun is finally awake
And I am flipping cold

BJH 05-20-2011