Poetry in a text message

::A future Adventure::

It’s thundering
One of these days
A secluded field
Summer night
And rain and a good roll in the grass


I actually just sent this in a text message because it just started to thunder and rain outside. the response to this text made me laugh. And me being an imp decided to post this. Like I said I really can be an angel faced witch. This could be a deal breaker.. LMAO

Circus Time Buckle Up Buttercup it’s gonna be a wicked ride

:: Clowns and Cotton Candy::

I was given tickets to the circus about 20 years ago
Went a few times not by choice
I didn’t like the show
Never wanted to go back
Woke up today staring at the clowns
Sitting by center ring
In a metal chair by a metal pole
A wicked storm is coming this way
I’m a target for getting fried
But as my friend J.D. says
I’m immortal
No lightning will get the best of me
Looking at the clowns
Garish primary colored faces
Better watch it cuz it’s raining
That face paint won’t stay on long
They should have invested in a mask
So funny I laugh
Mind slip for a minute
Guess I became ringmaster
While I was laughing at the clowns
The weather is getting pushy
I need to go now
I got Clyde’s cotton candy
He has a sweet tooth
Looking for the exit out of center ring
No break in this circle
So I’m stuck here in this wicked storm
With pink cotton candy
Ring master of a circus
I never wanted to attend
At least the clowns escaped.

BJH 05-23-2011