May 5, 2011


Awake my love
Do not fear
The darkness is over
The sun is here
Open your eyes my love
Do not fret
The pain is over
The wound is fixed
Be at peace my love
For you survived
The horror is over
Your eyes are dry
Now fly my angel
Back up to the sky
Kiss the moon
In the cobalt sky

BJH/All Rights Reserved

Authors Note… a poem can be written  years ago about another time or situation.  Many years later the poem takes on a new meaning a deeper meaning then when first wrote.  Thank you my Dearest Dreamer for taking me to the Seashore

Fated Star Revealed

:: Luna & Saturn::

Fantasy worlds engulf me
As music lulls me soothingly
I drift away lazily
Wrapped in Luna’s midnight wings

Water drop peals adorn my hair
A pale green gown is what I wear
I slowly dance up Saturn’s stair
I look for my fated star

We meet this night on Saturn’s rings
We talk of love and mysterious things
We muse over mortals fragile dreams
While Luna nods her approval

Saturn’s rings envelop us
Luna sings a song
We drift away lazily
Sleeping sweetly in Saturn’s arms.

BJH 06-25-2011

Last Words

::Last Words::

Fight for me her eyes pleaded
Her hand rested on his sword
I cannot his eyes answered
As he turned to mount his horse
Goodbye he somberly whispered
Knowing they must part
Forever her voice echoed
As he headed toward the fog
I will wait forever her last words lingered
Leaving a burn on his already wounded heart.

Saturn 01-10-2006

:: Saturn::

Angels blue and dreams of two
Saturn’s halo wrapped around you
Our stars were close
A phone call brought music
And poetry flowed
A bitter knife we cast
We left our ocean in the past
Two tortured hearts we remained
In the never ending rain
Angels blue and dreams of two
I am alone on Saturn
Waiting for you