May 5, 2011


Awake my love
Do not fear
The darkness is over
The sun is here
Open your eyes my love
Do not fret
The pain is over
The wound is fixed
Be at peace my love
For you survived
The horror is over
Your eyes are dry
Now fly my angel
Back up to the sky
Kiss the moon
In the cobalt sky

BJH/All Rights Reserved

Authors Note… a poem can be written  years ago about another time or situation.  Many years later the poem takes on a new meaning a deeper meaning then when first wrote.  Thank you my Dearest Dreamer for taking me to the Seashore

8 responses to “Healing

  1. As beautiful as a certain poet I know. Your straight-forwardness works very well in this poem. Word choice was strong even in anticipation of a later moment. Back atcha poetess.


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