Sapphire Blue and Silver

:: Under a Waxing Moon ::

Waxing Moon

Under A Waxing Moon

I smiled like the starry green-eyed   7 – year old girl

I was when I met my first boyfriend

On the swing-set at school

It is like that now at age 37

 I am that  7-year-old girl blushing

But now I am staring  into

the  deep brown amber eyes of a man

he had been kissing me and speaking

in quiet tones of our ups and downs.

And now his strong gentle hands

hold my face look deep into my

starry green eyes and ask me to

be his wife in the wonderful way

only  poets can do.

A tear almost escapes my eye

As I smile a huge dimpled smile

I quietly say I will.

Star Wishes  and a 7-year old girl’s

fantasy fairytale is realized as I gaze into

the eternity of  Drews deep brown amber eyes.

I love you and I will be yours

3 days past forever.


For Drew aka Clyde thank you. You’re  my dearest darling and twin soul.


Drew and Bonnie

12 responses to “Sapphire Blue and Silver

  1. Congratulations to both of you! Very happy news! May you always have the starry nights and the bright wishes of a perfect day to guide your love and life together! Please give my regards to Mr. Caribbean! Take care of each other!

  2. Ha!!!! Nice one!!! Thanks for the visit on my page, now here is someone who certainly has a whole lot more going on this summer, planning a wedding ain’t no joke…

    May it last forever and a day filled with stars, love, lots of wild sex and awesome poetry, plenty of green eyed and brown eyed babies ha ha ha ha

    keep flying high on that magic carpet of love!!!

    Thanks for the visit once more and shared happy news!!! LOL

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