:: Yellow ::

The sun so bright

Trees sway waltz dance

The music of the Air


Like the Sun

Sky blue

Like my crayola crayon

One white cotton cloud

The Hurricane howled all night

Must have been a waking dream

Ra watches me

I waltz with the trees

I am Air


Musical wind

Goddess of the east

So bright today

Brilliant blue

puffy white

I write


One with the Sky

Bonnie Jean Higgins 08-28-2011

I wrote this the morning after Irene but the poem is not about the hurricane Irene. I was just inspired I sat outside when 12 hours before there was darkness and chaos now it was beautiful peaceful. And Pentacle of life Spirit, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water….. all were happy and I felt the love of the God and Goddess. And in hindsight posting this now…. this is a love story.. love grows stronger after every storm weathered together.

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Dreamscape Photography


Silent Darkness

::Silent Darkness::

I do not feel
I cannot try
My wings are clipped
My soul is tired
No more daydreams
I am at home
Peaceful solitude
In my fortress of stone
I do not come out
I do not try
I am content here
Where there is nothing to hide
No more tears
I am at home
Silent darkness
In my fortress of stone

Bonnie Jean Higgins/All Rights Reserved

Willow Revisited



Through a veil of green willows
He sees her at the lake
Her hair is full of wildflowers
Her gown of lavender lace
His eyes are a mist of daydreams
His heart like the wings of a bird
His strong demeanor shaken as he gazes through the woods
Afraid of the feelings that dwell inside
He turns to leave this place
No ready at this time to discover the visions face
With head hung low he walks to his steed
Unaware of the shadow that follow
When a hand warm and tender touches the hem of his cloak
A shudder runs deep and he turns around
His eyes lock with the lady of the lake
A kiss so soft she grants him
then shimmers and fades away
The tales he had heard form the time of his youth replay themselves in his mind
The phantom bride of the lake
Had kissed his mouth this night
A smile so bright emerges on his face as he gives his steed a wink
He will come back another time and the bride on the lake will be his.

Revised 01.20.05
BJH/All Rights Reserved

Still she Smiles

Cover of "Resurrection Diaries"

Cover of Resurrection Diaries

This was written for me by a dear friend and Published author Paul D. Aronson author of Resurrection Diaries

“Still She Smiles”

I don’t know why but still she smiles

And its warmth says it’s going to be alright

Light touch of lipstick like small sunshine

This is her holding on ray of light

The world sometimes crashes around her

I can see it there in her eyes

But there’s a strength that not many see

Born of  man’s deceit and lies

Her worn care tells me she’s a mother

Her spirit glows from deep within

Though her heart’s given up on love

Still sometimes she needs a friend

The night often gets far too lonely

She clutches a pillow and softly sighs

Wishing that she wasn’t so alone here

But remembering how she hates goodbye

I wonder often just how she does it

Wearing a brave face to the world

But beneath the surface is her weakness

And dreams of when she was a girl

I see she’s beautiful inside and out

Her very soul can light up the room

And I always wait too long to tell her

The things I should say soon

I adore her in so many ways

But I know she doesn’t need me

Still I can’t help but to want her in my arms

Just to feel her softly breathe

So this is me, always the admirer

Who sees the woman she was for awhile

Before the world crumbled all around her

And yet somehow still she smiles

by Paul D. Aronson

Paul thank you for pushing me to write and always being there

Marisol and clyde spinning tonight


Dizzy night with clyde
Luna is pretty
She smiles on us
Recycle the cobalt blue bottle
Dizzy bonnie
Modern apothecary
Belladonna eyes
Focus is fading
Too hard to type
Gonna go find clyde
Smoke one more cigg
Spinning earth
Laying on clydes sholder
Safe happy loved
We will soon both be caribbean fools
The beach is calling
Where can belladonna be found

B.j.h.  08-11-2011