Silent Darkness

::Silent Darkness::

I do not feel
I cannot try
My wings are clipped
My soul is tired
No more daydreams
I am at home
Peaceful solitude
In my fortress of stone
I do not come out
I do not try
I am content here
Where there is nothing to hide
No more tears
I am at home
Silent darkness
In my fortress of stone

Bonnie Jean Higgins/All Rights Reserved

2 responses to “Silent Darkness

  1. I think this is a good example of using a direct voice to address a specific situation; perhaps that is the power inherent in putting the reader inside the fortress with you to observe the invisible (i.e. you behind the stone walls.) The competing imagery of contentedness vs. security works well because the reader is so able to experience the situation from a first hand perspective. I admire that. However you express the idea of that continual tug-of-war between risk & reward, I think it makes for very strong poetic material. Lots to think about in this poem. Keep using that strong voice!


    • im just crazy that’s all bi-polar my mind is always playing tug of war…

      but honestly thank you.. i write to express myself when i am not allowed to say the words out loud. that poem was another year time and place a few months before we met lol. Thank you Drew!!!

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