:: Yellow ::

The sun so bright

Trees sway waltz dance

The music of the Air


Like the Sun

Sky blue

Like my crayola crayon

One white cotton cloud

The Hurricane howled all night

Must have been a waking dream

Ra watches me

I waltz with the trees

I am Air


Musical wind

Goddess of the east

So bright today

Brilliant blue

puffy white

I write


One with the Sky

Bonnie Jean Higgins 08-28-2011

I wrote this the morning after Irene but the poem is not about the hurricane Irene. I was just inspired I sat outside when 12 hours before there was darkness and chaos now it was beautiful peaceful. And Pentacle of life Spirit, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water….. all were happy and I felt the love of the God and Goddess. And in hindsight posting this now…. this is a love story.. love grows stronger after every storm weathered together.

Picture courtesy of

Dreamscape Photography