Fog of Confusion

::Fog of Confusion::

There is a fog of confusion that sometimes clouds my brain

When surrounded by this fog I am lost inside my pain

I have tried to let the fog sleep

But my low moods bring it back

Then I have to start all over again

To bring my serenity back

This never ending battle between the normal and insane

Often leaves me in awe of the skittishness of my brain

I need a star inside my head to always shine so bright

To keep the fog from returning and mucking up my life.

by Bonnie Jean Higgins


Brilliant Minds beyond Forte

A thought starts slow notes
Filling an empty staff
Standard time
Standard key
Brilliant minds
Different ideas
Syncopation with 16th notes
Strong opinions
Crescendo to forte
Heated debate
Crescendo rising to fortissimo
18th notes
32 notes
up the tempo
Brilliant minds
Not to be tamed
Both want the melody
No Conductor
discord in fortissimo
Syncopation lost
Music to noise
One slows their tempo
to pianissimo
To silence
The other
To al fine
Brilliant minds
The first note so simple
Could have been
A beautifully
Intricate composition
With brilliant minds
The music cannot be composed
As a duet.

by Bonnie Jean Higgins

Music has been in my soul as long as I can remember. In this poem I turned to my first love for Inspiration..
Music of course. I started Chorus at 8 we sang at the Kennedy Center… Then I took up the violin the following year at about 9
It sounded like a Crow dying so at 10 i found the flute and I played, and played first chair Flute on through the school years playing the piccolo as well. I started piano at 17 and then guitar… now… at 37 I sometimes play the flute an Aquarius Air Sign.. song of the East Wind and I now I write the stories of my life in poetry the images, feelings and music that is always in my head.

And Thank you to my Many Music teachers who guided me, pushed me and taught me to let my emotions free through song, even though I added to their gray hair (umm sorry)…. and to the English teacher in 10th grade who made us write a poem even though I hated to read much less write poetry… well she gave me wings.