Silken Threads


She sits on the cold stone floor

Bronze hair in waves down her back

Soft candles make shadows on the wall

Her pale face flushed from her spinning

Ink has stained her lavender gown

While her fingers frantically write

Stories of honor and chivalry

She uses thoughts of silver and red

Thoughts of mist and silken threads

The threads of imagination she uses to weave

Her epic fairytale tapestry

She sits on the stone floor so cold

but warm she is as she spins in her world

Bronze hair glowing by candlelight

Pen strokes elegant on parchment

The mistress of fairyland has written another dream,

To delight a sleeper with enchantment

by Bonnie Jean Higgins

~  this poem was inspired by the cover art from  The Tower At Stony Wood by Patricia A. McKillip

The Tower at Stony Wood by Patricia A. McKillip


:: UNDONE ::

Black is the look I see in your eyes
I turn my face so you don’t see me cry
Anger unleashed burning my face
My ears bleed at the words you say
After this eruption
What do I have left
A flow of venom
To scar my breast.

Bonnie Jean Higgins/All Rights Reserved

Write Me Away

Write me away to the place of your dreams

Show me with words the visions you see

Draw me a world holding only you and me

My finger shall trace the words of your pen

As I read them by candlelight with trembling hand


Write me away to the world of your fantasy

Show me with pen-strokes the things that you feel

Draw a place where our destiny awaits

I shall caress the words of your pen in adoration

By the palace gates I will patiently be waiting


I would write you a song that held all of heaven

I would whisper you words that held hints of passion

I could sing you away to the sweet world of dreamland

As I sit here and write you with utmost devotion


by Bonnie Jean Higgins ~ Mid 2003