Maybe In the Spring….

::Marisol Stage Left::

She blinks and wakes

To a new existence




She blinks again

She must be dreaming


Night terrors

Bad Trip

Blink, Blink

Hot tears bleed from

Green eyes streaked red



Not drying

She blinks and blinks

She realized


Exited stage left

Maybe she will come again in the spring

Only Clyde knows….

B.J.H. 12-24-2011

Rainbows on the Shore

Indigo sky Outer Banks

::On Ocean Waves::

Ocean waves caress the shore

Pushed by a kiss from the wind

Shadow lovers embrace in the brine

Tasting salt on the others lips

Stormy sky’s don’t last long with Clyde

Orion shoots his wishing stars in a sky

I have never seen

Shadows lovers walk the sand after a rough day ashore

Shells and sea glass

Endless sand

Nothing at all compares to this


Clyde shows me the rainbow

Kissing the ocean.


December 1, 2o11

Happy Holidays Clyde



Clyde s Rainbow

Two Months and Going Strong

:: Our Dog Blue::

I chose it because of the cobalt

Color of the bottle

Because it had a half moon on the label

It tastes pretty good as far as wine goes

It should be called My Dog Blue

I am drinking it alone

I stopped drinking about two months ago


This bottle is for a special occasion

After two days lost to uninvited inturptions

I am toasting this occasion

Sleepy eyed Clyde smiles

Our Dog Blue

B.J.H. May 30 2011