Claim Me

::Claim Me::

Sleep is trying to claim me

I fight to keep it off

Dreams are trying to take me

I write to stay awake

I fear the pain that awaits me

When my eyes close to the light

I fear the thought of waking

And looking at my life

An altered life I found in dreams

But the dreams turned to torment me

Wanting to sleep not to dream

Wanting to cry not to scream

Wanting someone to rescue me


Bonnie Jean Higgins

Sunset beyond the fence

Sunset beyond the fence

:: Sunset Beyond The Fence ::

The sun sets in beautiful colors of orange and pink

It makes me sad

The light is gone and I prepare

For another long January night

That sunset is free though

Beyond the fence that I am always sent back to

My eyes are wet

Thoughts on loved ones sick or missed

Luna is coming and Orion too


This cold January night

I would prefer sunlight to starlight



Don’t go to summerland yet…

~ Drip-Drip ~

The I.V. drip drips

I look at tired eyes with lines

From a joyful life

I hold a hand

Once strong and calloused

Now weak and trembling

I smile down at him with the love

Only a daughter can give

I.V. drip drips

He closes his wisdom filled blue eyes

Goodnight Daddy

I will see you in the morning


Except for shallow breaths

From my father

My tears spill over as I watch

The I.V. drip drip

For T.M.H.

I love you daddy

Bonnie Jean Higgins 01-o4-2012

Winter at my poetry spot

:: Glass and Orion ::

It’s a cold winter

My mind is on the ocean

Cool winds in april

Burning stars in October

Have’nt seen Assateague in a couple years

Heard today they might cut of my Lighthouse

Sad news

Life’s yo-yo kept me away

But tonight

I find solace

A little patch of sand

Shore of a glass lake

There is a dolphin in the name

I sitĀ  on a dockĀ  this cold winter night

Rocking peacefully

Star wishing in Orion’s belt

Dreams of an ocean I have not seen

A breeze will carry me there