Winter at my poetry spot

:: Glass and Orion ::

It’s a cold winter

My mind is on the ocean

Cool winds in april

Burning stars in October

Have’nt seen Assateague in a couple years

Heard today they might cut of my Lighthouse

Sad news

Life’s yo-yo kept me away

But tonight

I find solace

A little patch of sand

Shore of a glass lake

There is a dolphin in the name

I sit  on a dock  this cold winter night

Rocking peacefully

Star wishing in Orion’s belt

Dreams of an ocean I have not seen

A breeze will carry me there




sometime last year

:: I Just Don’t Know ::

Double-Sided disorder

Strikes again

Went to the doc

Upped those meds

Explained to managment

Watch for Warning signs

Research the danger zone

When the circuit breaker is blown

Gotta stop the Hazard zone

Waiting for sanity

It always returns

Downside moments cause

unintended disruption

it takes time for the brain to stabilize

Constant effort

not always maintained


Fall of 2011

eye of the storm

::  Electric Dolphin ::

Dark nights

bad thoughts

White ovals

Swirling in my stomache

Music that disturbed me


I don’t know

I want to hear Learning To Fly

by Pink Floyd

I am going to fly and soar

We are in neverland

With white ovals

I am not connected to their world

I drift with the dolphins

In the dark with words

My fuzzy brain

Writes these lines



just found this

:: Blink Sync ::

Mufti-colored lights

Blink out of sync

Dazed under a cloudy December sky

Out of sync they blink

Sometimes they stop

One by one

They burn out

The death of light

I know what this means

Blink, blink, out of sync