Claim Me

::Claim Me::

Sleep is trying to claim me

I fight to keep it off

Dreams are trying to take me

I write to stay awake

I fear the pain that awaits me

When my eyes close to the light

I fear the thought of waking

And looking at my life

An altered life I found in dreams

But the dreams turned to torment me

Wanting to sleep not to dream

Wanting to cry not to scream

Wanting someone to rescue me


Bonnie Jean Higgins

4 responses to “Claim Me

  1. Im on the opposite end here. I desperately want to sleep more than an hour or two at a time. I sleep to dream, but sleep evades me. I believe both our plights are devestating and pure torture. In the end, we are both sleep deprived. I hope that you are able to vanquish the source of your nightmares and rest in a glorious dream.

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