Daffodil thoughts on a silent poet

:: Blank Page ::

I always admired him
His words captured my attention
Sometimes I didn't understand them
But the passion in those words
Told me more than he knew.
The excitement he had
The fire in his eyes when he shared his dreams
It brought me inspiration
His pen is silent now
And a fear creeps into me
He wrote to free  his mind
And at times to regain sanity
I wonder now how he keeps his mind
from shattering
His passion and abstract daydreams
A writer only puts down his pen
When they have given up on living.



My Ocean Is waiting for me beyond the fence

:: Daffodils and Ravens ::

I look past the daffodils

Behind a  birch tree

And see the fence

That  keeps me trapped

An ivy covered picturesque

Prison wall

Beyond this solitary confinement

I hear my ocean calling me

My home is there

My heart is there

It is the only place I ever feel

True peace

I dream of it

I hear the waves in the wind

I try desperately to will myself there

But I cannot get to the world beyond the fence

So I sit here

Looking at the yellow daffodils

Listening to Ravens

And wondering how I became trapped

Behind this fence




Fools have enchanted me for years even if their names escape me

:: Fools Regret ::

I laugh at you the fool

You could have had it all

The princess in the tower

For you would gladly fall

Alas, you have missed your chance

She courts the prince of night

Her heart could have been yours forever

While she was living in the light

She has turned back to the darkness

while you dream at what could have been

She sleeps with Death her lover

Once again Darkness wins.


Bonnie Jean Higgins\

The Fallen angel smiled brightly and laughed when she wrote this. I don’t even recall the fool it was about

Feathered Mask

:: Feathered Mask ::

she is but a dream to his loving heart

Her reality hiding in the dark

Her illusions she spreads like a feathered mask

To cover her soul so none can pass

Pictures she sells you

When you ask of her life

A painting to show you

That everything is alright

Rainbows she creates

When you ask of her heart

Smoky visions from her romantic art

Rainbows, visions, illusions and masks

Smoke and mirrors at every pass

She is but a dream to his loving heart

Her love is hiding in the dark

Her illusions spread a feathered mask

To cover her soul so none can pass


Bonnie Jean Higgins


Let the Masquerade Begin

:: Colorful Illusions::

A kaleidoscope of pictures

Colorful swirls of memories

On a background of indigo

Paintings of delusions

Hiding in illusions

A pretty story to make into my history

Translucent shards of glass

The pieces of my past

Swept in a corner of my room

A key upon my neck

Where all my secrets are kept

It will only open one door

I will show you my illusions

We will live in my delusions

A pretty painting of how it is supposed to be.


Bonnie Jean Higgins