Stories 1995 (my second published work)

A candle flickers

Someone sighs

A hawk screeches

Something dies

The princess in the tower stares at the moon

The prince who would save her

Hangs from a noose

Wolves prowl the hillside

Where campers sleep in peace

The old woman in the window

Has been dead for weeks

A pigeon lands on a bench in the middle of Central Park

A cat jumps out to catch it and stop it’s beating heart

I sit by my window and write by the light of the moon

These sweet poetic stories with love from me to you



By Bonnie Jean Higgins January 9, 1995

Half Lit

:: Half Lit ::

My green eyes are half lit

As I sink into thick blankets

Sub-zero July nights are

Colder without Clyde my custom-made heater

I listen to lyrics to a song on a loop

I don’t understand the word

Although I did 2 hours ago

My blueberry smoothie mind

Muses over faded scars

And I wonder about a Thursday

That I don’t remember

July 20, 2012