“Stay” Her Heart Beats

  “Don’t” her mind whispered

“Don’t do this” her eyes pleaded

“Be different” her heart beat

Weary she felt and heart sick as well

Not wanting to again play with stars and wishing wells


“Don’t” her mind whispered as she read his words

“Not again” her eyes tear

I can do this no more


So hard a quest it seems

To find happiness beyond what she finds in her dreams

Her shadowed eyes scare them all away

Her tragic disposition is here to stay

Don’t let it out is her promise to keep

But in loves safeness the truth does leak


“Don’t” her mind whispers

“Don’t do this” her eyes plead

“Stay” her heart beats

Just stay she repeated


by Bonnie Jean Higgins 08-12-05

Ocean Embrace

Watery wind

Crashing white foam

Sand dancing delicately

on the moonlit shore


Pale blue silk

Sea sprayed gown

Water-drop pearls

decorate a rose colored mouth


Coral toe tips

Ocean embrace

Pale white face

eyes open and breathless


A name on her whisper

A face in her mind

Ocean fog coming

To capture it’s bride


Footprints flooded

With silky dark waves

Not on this night

She is not the ocean’s to claim.


by Bonnie Jean Higgins 8-15-05

Lost At Sea

Two tortured hearts

Lost out at sea

Lost for eternity

Once, twice

Their lights have crossed

Just a whisper through words and thoughts

Then out into the blackened sea

To drift alone in misery

Two tortured hearts

With souls so deep

With passions hiding in the guise of sleep

Two hearts full of pain and broken dreams

Scared to reach out to destiny

Scared of the things they see in dreams

Scared that reality could give them wings

Two tortured hearts

Lost at sea

Once or twice their paths may meet

When will they anchor to destiny

And admit their souls are twins.


By Bonnie Jean Higgins 02-02-03

Ship of Dreams

Sail me away in your ship of dreams

Let the star spray sprinkle my hair

Sail me into the ocean of night my love

Let the moonbeams light our way

Show me the planets, the stars, and the sun

Show me the mysteries of space

Let me dance in the milky way my love

Let us waltz to a melody of Chopin

Let us sail away in your ship of dreams

Let the world drift slowly away

Sail us to Paradise my love

Let us forever in dreamland stay.


by Bonnie Jean Higgins 12-13-01

Emerald Dagger

‘Tis all fantasy she said
As she closed the drapes in her chamber
The Sun has hidden itself beneath the ocean
She thought as she pulled out the dagger
From beneath her pillow
No longer can I face this darkness
The colors just out of reach
No longer can I search for hope
on the waves of the twilight sea
She sat upon her brocade covered floor
And gazed at the dagger so bright
It’s emerald encrusted handle mirrored
In her tear stained green eyes
Goodnight she whispered to the silence
Goodnight she whispered to an unknown prince
In the soft glow of candlelight
She plunged the dagger into her heart
She smiled as she crumpled
in a pool of her blood
forever ending this would be fairytale

by Bonnie Jean Higgins