Emerald Dagger

‘Tis all fantasy she said
As she closed the drapes in her chamber
The Sun has hidden itself beneath the ocean
She thought as she pulled out the dagger
From beneath her pillow
No longer can I face this darkness
The colors just out of reach
No longer can I search for hope
on the waves of the twilight sea
She sat upon her brocade covered floor
And gazed at the dagger so bright
It’s emerald encrusted handle mirrored
In her tear stained green eyes
Goodnight she whispered to the silence
Goodnight she whispered to an unknown prince
In the soft glow of candlelight
She plunged the dagger into her heart
She smiled as she crumpled
in a pool of her blood
forever ending this would be fairytale

by Bonnie Jean Higgins

Angel Screams

Rain keeps falling

Tears keep churning

Demons calling

Fears returning

I scream to stop it

No-one answers

I pull at my hair

I cringe in despair

Utter rage is creeping

Hellish wings are beating

The Angel is madly weeping

And all this I cannot stop

Wind is swirling

Voices laughing

Haunted faces

Come to visit

Screaming visions

Seeing demons

I cannot stop these games

I feel the pain

I feel the horror

I just give up

To the howling Sorcerer

My mind is crumbling

My ears are bleeding

Can you hear it?

The Angel is SCREAMING


by Bonnie Jean Higgins 02/17/03