On This Night

On This Night

She sat outside his window
Watching his sleeping eyes
Wondering what visions
The Dreamweaver gave him this night
Into his bedroom window
She came with a gentle breeze
Landing at the edge of his pillow
To try to catch a bit of his dreams
She whispered in his ear
Goodnight my unfortunate night
I know you might not claim me
But my heart will be yours this night
I ask nothing in return
Only that you keep it safe
Promise to never throw it away
And please don’t let it break
As she stood to leave him
She blew him a kiss goodbye
And she left the key to her heart and soul
On the pillow next to his sleeping eyes.

Bonnie Jean Higgins 2009

The Perfect End

Barfly and Bukowski And People


March Of Doom

:: March of Doom::

The march of doom plays in my head
The sound of mourners surrounding my bed
Lacrimosa a fitting song
As my coffin is brought to the burial ground
The thud of dirt
The stench of lye
The rain of orchids to wilt with time
No tears displayed
The mourners sigh
The clouds are low
In a blackened sky
The sound of doom
The mourners come
I awoke from this dream
To the sound of the drums

2003 ~ Bonnie Jean Higgins

Starlit Potion

~ Starlit Potion ~

Liquid pools of amber
Melted on the hearth
With just a touch of shimmer
Glowing in the dark
The smell of midnight jasmine
The warmth of fresh hot soot
The spell had been successful
The Witch now had her brew
A small crystal vial
On a ribbon round her throat
It glows with then light
Of a thousand moonlit moats
The brew within her locket
Is a spell as old as time
Its secrets to be revealed
When the Moon and stars are right

Bonnie Jean Higgins