She Saw The Moon

~She Saw The Moon~

A sigh escapes from bluish lips
A feather falls
to the dungeons floor
A hand so pale
Touches leaden bars
A tear so small
Is lost in the dark
A threadbare gown
Once frothy white lace
A shock of hair
Covers her face
She looks at the only glimpse of the Moon
Allowed in this Demons keep
Her feathers once of midnight blue
Now fall to the floor in ones and twos
A pile she uses to place her head
As nightmares take her away

Bonnie Jean Higgins ~ 2003

Her Orchestra

Her Orchestra

I see her at night alone in her bed
She conducts the orchestra inside her head
She sings to the walls that surround her room
Se sheds tears that feed the gloom
So enchanted with her music
So lost in her dreams
She denies her sadness
Yet I can feel her screams
The girl I see has dimpled cheeks
And the tears they fill them as she weeps
Even as she cries her hands sweep the air
The orchestra is still there
In her vacant stare

Bonnie Jean Higgins  2005

Ocean Whispers

Silky waves are calling me somewhere in my dreams

Ocean mist is touching me while in my bed I sleep

Too long has it been since I tasted the sea

Too long has it been since the waves caressed me

I long for my nights walking alone on the dunes

I long a glimpse of my indigo Moon

Neptune’s daughter alone on the sand

Holding the Moon in the palm of her hand

Silky waves are calling me somewhere in my dreams

Ocean mist is touching me while in my bed I sleep

by Bonnie Jean Higgins  08/15/08

Midnight Blue… did she jump or slip?

Angel Rescue


Urgent whispers

The ocean calling

Angel slips

She is falling

Gasping for breath

Waves are crushing

White foam surrounds her

Crashing, pounding

Green eyes close

No more fighting

Strong arms grab her

She is floating

Gentle kiss

Blue eyes searching

Angel rescued

A princely sailor

His forever

Should he wish to keep her

Bonnie Jean Higgins

Waltzing in Shadow

Waltzing In Shadow


Dearest dreamer speak with me

Tell me of the visions that your eyes see

Tell me of the dimensions that you have known

Tell me the secrets that your eyes hold

Dear sweet dreamer sit with me

Hold my hand and be still with me

Gaze at my lake of shimmering glass

Let it’s calmness dissipate the past

My dearest dreamer walk with me

By moonlit meadow and whispering streams

We can walk in shadow by the snowy sea

We can walk by starlight under the shelter of trees

Dear sweet dreamer what do you see

What things do you keep hidden from me

What thoughts are you harboring as we float here in the haze of dreams

My dearest dreamer come to me

Hold me tight and sing with me

In dreams our souls can forever be..

Waltzing in the shadow of the moonlit sea

by Bonnie Jean Higgins