Sweet Release

~~ Sweet Release ~~

Blue eyed angel steps inside
The forbidden fortress where darkness thrives
Find the girl with the cloudy eyes
Steal her from the Demon Knight

He holds her close and whispers her name
Wipes the tears that stain her face
Promises to be there forevermore
If only she would let him into her world

She opens the door with a fearful sigh
Embraces the warmth that floods inside
And in a moment of sweet release
Her heart is enveloped by his angel wings

Hear the thunder as the walls come down
Her dismal tower falls to the ground
In the arms of her angel prince
she gives him her soul with a teardrop kiss

Bonnie Jean Higgins


Hush My Love

:: Hush My Love::

Hush my love and listen
Do you hear it?
Do you hear my voice calling out in the night?

Be still my love and feel
Do you feel it?
My hand brushing your face as you fall into dreams

Hush my love and listen
Do you hear me?
Your name upon my lips as I fall into dreams

Be still my love and feel
Feel me as I lay with you in sleep

In dreams I am your shadow
I visit you every night

In dreams I try to protect you
From the things you cannot fight

Hush my love and listen
To the song of the moon and stars

Look my love and you will see me
In the shadows of your heart

Bonnie Jean Higgins
March 10, 2013


In Dreams

In Dreams

Green Upon Green

Green upon green
Water drenched trees
Under a canopy I write
Comforted by the sounds of twilight

Green turns to gray
As the day starts to fade
The colors go home
When the Moon takes the throne

Still I sit here and write
A poets delight
Under a canopy of trees
Touched by a gentle spring breeze

Gray turns to blue
As the stars come in view
I must go back home
To my fortress of stone

Green upon green
My eyes you have seen
My voice you have heard
My words you now read

Bonnie Jean Higgins
©March 12, 2013
~ Inspired by a Willow Tree after a Rainstorm ~




Perfect Calm

:: Perfect Calm ::

A perfect calm
Her breathing deep
His heartbeat steady
She drifts to dreams

Stormy night
In dreams she weeps
He holds her close
Stopping silent screams

His arms so strong
Wrap her tight
Her breath is steady
No more fright

A perfect calm
Her breathing deep
His steady presence
Is all she needs

Bonnie Jean Higgins