About The Crazy Green Eyed Girl

Well a little thing i wrote to explain me.. And yes I guess it is stupid and immature to think like a Disney princess “one day my prince will come” But those childhood dreams and what not make the world a bit more magical and when you grow up and feel you are to mature for this.. well that’s just sad.. Always remember the innocence of childhood, the wonderment over everything. Anyway… I am a certified nutcase. I have papers to prove it. I write to get emotions and pictures out of my head onto paper. My poems are stories, events and emotions of my life.  I like Edgar Allen Poe and Sylvia Plath, Charles Bukowski and Hunter Thompson… wonderful misfit writers!!  Cinderella is awesome. My Idols are Mozart, Poe, and Jack Skellington. I wish on stars, I follow the Moon as she is very inspiring. I try not to be girlie and I hate being short, it is a handicap of sorts vertically challenged. I like to take pictures… a way to document all the random and stupid things that happen in life “Kodak Moments”. I prefer to write a letter and mailing it over an email. I refuse to get the electronic books.. Books are to be touched smelled, the feel of the paper, the jacket art or the old ornate bindings of those classics that came from your grandmother.. all so seductive.

6 responses to “About The Crazy Green Eyed Girl

  1. I think we have much in common 🙂
    We are both crazy green eyed gals, who believe in fairy tales, hate being short, and like taking pictures. I also write poetry and am totally against Ebooks!

    Ok, so, now that I have sounded all creepy….
    I am new to WordPress and was just browsing. Yours was the first poetry blog I clicked on! I really like the poems that I have read so far, especially “Undone.” I look forward to seeing more!

  2. I can only hope that genius will accompany my maddness one day! What a shame to be only mad and not genius as well. That would be very sad, except that when you are mad, you may not realize one way or another!

    Thank you very much for visiting me 🙂

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