Cotton Candy and Blueberry Dreams

You can only drown it for so long
It comes back in waves
Tidal waves
Tsunamis of the past
Emotions that were banished
It comes to you in pain
The hitch of your breath
The heartbeat that hurts
The wet eyes that burn
It comes in waves
Dying at the ocean
It comes to you in waves
What could have been
What should have been
What dreams were made of
Yet alone you are
With Vodka as your savior
Random thoughts of lost Poets.
And maybe a bit too much to drink.

Goodbye Virginia Beach

I generally don’t explain my poems but this one tugs for explanation. I wrote this the last time I would be at my special spot on the sand, where I had been inspired to write for the past year, I looked at that shore where so many memories were made, where so many poems were born . The place I sent my dear friends mementos on a voyage over the waves under an October Dark Moon.
So as I sat there and all I could do was cry. I Neptune’s daughter could not write. I knew when left this shore I would loose a part of my soul. So now on to the unedited words I wrote that could not capture my goodbye to Virginia Beach

~ I am shivering in April
sitting here on the beach
Slack jawed
Words in my frustrated tears
I sit beside the boy with the shadowed eyes
He does not know I am terrified
December comes to early.”

April 2013

Elena’s Lost Constellation

~ Elena’s Lost Constellation ~

Elena turns away
Loosing a tear
Her lost tear
Holds the answers
Of so many star wishes
She no longer wishes on stars
Elena lays down
She looks up into darkness
Her constellation
No longer glows
Above her bed

B.J.H June 8, 2013

Sapphire Blue and Silver

:: Under a Waxing Moon ::

Waxing Moon

Under A Waxing Moon

I smiled like the starry green-eyed   7 – year old girl

I was when I met my first boyfriend

On the swing-set at school

It is like that now at age 37

 I am that  7-year-old girl blushing

But now I am staring  into

the  deep brown amber eyes of a man

he had been kissing me and speaking

in quiet tones of our ups and downs.

And now his strong gentle hands

hold my face look deep into my

starry green eyes and ask me to

be his wife in the wonderful way

only  poets can do.

A tear almost escapes my eye

As I smile a huge dimpled smile

I quietly say I will.

Star Wishes  and a 7-year old girl’s

fantasy fairytale is realized as I gaze into

the eternity of  Drews deep brown amber eyes.

I love you and I will be yours

3 days past forever.


For Drew aka Clyde thank you. You’re  my dearest darling and twin soul.


Drew and Bonnie


May 5, 2011


Awake my love
Do not fear
The darkness is over
The sun is here
Open your eyes my love
Do not fret
The pain is over
The wound is fixed
Be at peace my love
For you survived
The horror is over
Your eyes are dry
Now fly my angel
Back up to the sky
Kiss the moon
In the cobalt sky

BJH/All Rights Reserved

Authors Note… a poem can be written  years ago about another time or situation.  Many years later the poem takes on a new meaning a deeper meaning then when first wrote.  Thank you my Dearest Dreamer for taking me to the Seashore