Friends…… the small things they do.. can last a lifetime

::My Dearest::
You’ve heard me laugh
You’ve felt me cry
You’ve watched as my world has crumbled
You’ve seen me dream
You’ve seen me fly
And you have been there when I stumble
Through all the years and hours and words
you have stayed a loyal friend
I know you dream of us forever
But for now we must remain only friends
I know we had a dream of two
And some where we lost our way
Even when our words were angry
Friends we have always stayed
I love you still and I will always be near
If ever you should lose your way
And maybe that dream of two
Might come back to life one day
Bonnie Jean Higgins/All Rights Reserved
~Written for my dear friend Paul D. Aronson and published Author ~

Ode to Valentines Day Number 2

Roses are red, violets are blue, i know where you live and the

hit-man does too

roses are red violets are blue i am sharpening my shank so i

can give it to you…

Bonnie Jean Higgins 02-14-2013

an Ode to Valentines Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, I am under your bed, and my

shank is too

Bonnie Jean Higgins  02-14-2013

(dedicated to the people who know me best and adore my homicidal tendencies)

The Poet

~ The Poet ~

Sitting on a dock in the middle of the lake
Long hair curling in the mist
Stars falling to Earth
Moonlight in her eyes
In her hand rests a book
Crickets chirp and chime
As she writes her lines
She is in her own make-believe world
Wind dances in her hair
There are Castle’s in her stare
The words she writes
Release her soul

Bonnie Jean Higgins

This poem is about my poetry spot at Lake Montclair


Some things Never change

:: And the Table Shall Walk::

i always do this

Pick the wrong table

the one that tilts and rocks

It is an adventure going to the mall

The food court scares the bejesus out of me

Too many people

Food with “special” ingredients

Probably for out back

No doubt it will kill you

Eat at your own risk

The mall was much cooler

When I was a teen

You could smoke

dodge rent-a-cops

But alas,

Even then

I got the table that tried to walk.

~February 27, 2012~

Bonnie Jean Higgins