No goodbye,
Heather was final

She was a seductress
No redemption
And no goodbye

I cry, I hide, I grieve
Heather goes on
She don’t care

Oceans and stillness
Boxes of redemtion
On a Dark Moon
Cannot bring them back

My soul is broken
My heart cannot fathom this

Yet they sleep
At peace
I remain
Stone over a deep ocean


Half Lit

:: Half Lit ::

My green eyes are half lit

As I sink into thick blankets

Sub-zero July nights are

Colder without Clyde my custom-made heater

I listen to lyrics to a song on a loop

I don’t understand the word

Although I did 2 hours ago

My blueberry smoothie mind

Muses over faded scars

And I wonder about a Thursday

That I don’t remember

July 20, 2012


Sagittarius Musings

::Flip-Flop Tan Lines::

White waves rush

to greet coral toe tips

Sand of white powder

Sets off flip-flop tan lines

Silver moon

Illuminates ocean waves

That hum melancholy Chopin

 moon shines down

On receding waves

Powder white sand glitters

Setting off a single pink flip-flop

May 6, 2012


eye of the storm

::  Electric Dolphin ::

Dark nights

bad thoughts

White ovals

Swirling in my stomache

Music that disturbed me


I don’t know

I want to hear Learning To Fly

by Pink Floyd

I am going to fly and soar

We are in neverland

With white ovals

I am not connected to their world

I drift with the dolphins

In the dark with words

My fuzzy brain

Writes these lines




5:30 am and it’s flipping cold
The sun is rising
The birds are doing their morning gossip
And I have insomnia
Damn sleeping pills didn’t work
Had a disconnected day
People I knew were in and out all day
I was not part of the conversations
Lost in my own weird brain
Writing the hours away
Until Clyde and I were alone
We talked or more like
I babbled and he listened
After all it was 4am
What was lacking today?
Our normal word play
Our normal playful flirting
He fell asleep
And I am still awake
Feeling kinda blue
Wondering how our two month Anniversary
Involved everyone but us two
It was not a good day
Nor was it a bad day
It was our day lost
To unexpected visitors
That left around 3am
The Sun is finally awake
And I am flipping cold

BJH 05-20-2011