Cotton Candy and Blueberry Dreams

You can only drown it for so long

It comes back in waves

Tidal waves

Tsunamis of the past

Emotions that were banished

It comes to you in pain

The hitch of your breath

The heartbeat that hurts

The wet eyes that burn

It comes in waves




Dying at the ocean

It comes to you in waves

What could have been

What should have been

What dreams were made of

Yet alone you are

With Vodka as your savior



Random thoughts of lost Poets.

And maybe a bit too much to drink.


No goodbye,
Heather was final

She was a seductress
No redemption
And no goodbye

I cry, I hide, I grieve
Heather goes on
She don’t care

Oceans and stillness
Boxes of redemtion
On a Dark Moon
Cannot bring them back

My soul is broken
My heart cannot fathom this

Yet they sleep
At peace
I remain
Stone over a deep ocean


Double Edged Words

Double Edged Words

The words sat before her
A blessing and a curse
For so long she has wanted to see them
For so long she denied their truth
She had cast away that memory
Disregarded it as the power of the full moon
Said in the past on a whim
But forgotten over the passing of time
Said in a talk of passion
But disregarded now that the rings are entwined
The words sat before her
A blessing and a curse
Tears filled her eyes
Causing the words to blur
For he had written I Love You
And she knew his heart to be true
Even though he was just married
His heart was still partially hers
She wiped the tears from her lashes
And bid him sweet good night
In his dreams she would come to him
In her dreams she would be his bride.

Bonnie Jean Higgins/All Rights Reserved

Drown It

::Drown It::

Seeps into my soul
Eats my self control
Drink to drown it out
Demons scream and shout
Cant run away from this
Feelings never missed
Don’t wanna feel this way
Demons come to play
Cant control my mind
Thought that I was fine
Lost my self control
Drink to save my soul

Bonnie Jean Higgins/All Rights Reserved

enough anger to breach a 6 year writers block

I’m Undone

Black is the look I see in your eyes
I turn my face so you don’t see me cry
Anger unleashed burning my face
My ears bleed at the words you say
After this eruption
What do I have left
A flow of venom
To scar my breast.

Bonnie Jean Higgins/All Rights Reserved