Twilight (Published work written PRIOR to Stephenie Meyer)


Twilight’s reign grows week,
as moonbeams take the throne.
Those of eternal sleep,
will wake for the Sun is gone.
The wind whispers in the trees,
while the spiders run in the grass.
The one being I seek,
will return at last.
The light from his eye’s will guide my way.
The touch of his kiss will smother my pain.
The embrace of his arms will put me in Heaven,
and the song in his voice will linger forever.
The moonbeams glow in the night,
as the wind sings the trees a lullaby.
My love and I will take flight,
and leave the world a kiss goodbye.

Bonnie Jean Higgins
(© 1995)

Stories 1995 (my second published work)

A candle flickers

Someone sighs

A hawk screeches

Something dies

The princess in the tower stares at the moon

The prince who would save her

Hangs from a noose

Wolves prowl the hillside

Where campers sleep in peace

The old woman in the window

Has been dead for weeks

A pigeon lands on a bench in the middle of Central Park

A cat jumps out to catch it and stop it’s beating heart

I sit by my window and write by the light of the moon

These sweet poetic stories with love from me to you



By Bonnie Jean Higgins January 9, 1995

Creeping, Searching and Lurking

Creeping, creeping, ever seeking

Lurking, lurking, always searching

Gone, gone, where can she be

the girls is lost, the girl is free


Crazy, crazy, do you hear them whisper

Calling, calling, why won’t she answer

Crying, crying, she is crying

She is crying, I am dying


Hissing, hissing, they hiss at me

The hiss at me, I cannot see

I cannot look

I cannot find

I cannot find her, she is mine


Creeping, creeping, ever seeking

Lurking, lurking, always searching

Gone, gone, where can she be

the girls is lost, the girl is free



by Bonnie Jean Higgins



Kinda my tribute to the Dr. Seuss style of writing LOL

Dark Lord, Lady Light 02-06-1995

Trapped behind glass in a world of silence
A dreamer sits and watches the night
Remembering stories from a time once forgotten
About the dark lord who courts the lady of light
A far off glimmer appears in the gloom
Alas, she comes to dance to her doom
The white gowned angel and the dark demon night
Meet with a sweetness and mixing of light
Their dance as elegant as waltzes of old
Entrance the dreamer with a magickal hold
The courtship of ages comes to a close
As the lord hands the lady a single black rose
Suddenly the angel cries out in fright
And runs away from her dark demon night
She saw in his eyes her own tragic death
When night captures day and the sunlight is quenched
Alas the lord has lost his bride
She has gone to the light forever to hide
As the stars wink out one by one
the dreamer sighs with the coming of dawn

by BJH 02-06-1995
This poem was inspired by a beautiful winter sunset