Saturn 01-10-2006

:: Saturn::

Angels blue and dreams of two
Saturn’s halo wrapped around you
Our stars were close
A phone call brought music
And poetry flowed
A bitter knife we cast
We left our ocean in the past
Two tortured hearts we remained
In the never ending rain
Angels blue and dreams of two
I am alone on Saturn
Waiting for you


Depth-less Eyes

Falling fast into depthless eyes
Feelings are fighting to see the light
Holding back from an angelic smile
Is she ready to give her heart away for life

Thinking thoughts of two forever
Love in sunshine and stormy weather
Fear is fading into a smile
But darkness keeps her from his side

Her demons haunt her wanting heart
Shadows keeping her from a perfect start
Love is breaking her will inside
As she gazes into depthless eyes.


Just Roll

In a white haze
Silver tipped tongue
Flashes of what could be
Don’t think tonight
just roll

Snow is falling
Hands of ice
Kiss me now
Forget the price

In a white haze
Shadowed eyes
Silver tipped tongue that tells no lies
Don’t think tonight
Just roll

BJH 02-05-06

Word Play

White waves
Smoke filled eyes
Stories of life
Something clicks inside my head
I look at eyes with a new found spin
Share a drink
Share some smokes
Keep your cool
Don’t rock the boat
Night goes away
On with the day
Words at play
Time to go
Nothing to say
A surprise touch
Words unsaid
It’s just me
With my new found spin
Wondering about the brown eyed man.

BJH 02-05-06

I wrote this about a friend of mine after a night of altered reality. We shared a smoke our views on the written word and random silliness. I left that night with an old-school make you blush crush.