On This Night

On This Night

She sat outside his window
Watching his sleeping eyes
Wondering what visions
The Dreamweaver gave him this night
Into his bedroom window
She came with a gentle breeze
Landing at the edge of his pillow
To try to catch a bit of his dreams
She whispered in his ear
Goodnight my unfortunate night
I know you might not claim me
But my heart will be yours this night
I ask nothing in return
Only that you keep it safe
Promise to never throw it away
And please don’t let it break
As she stood to leave him
She blew him a kiss goodbye
And she left the key to her heart and soul
On the pillow next to his sleeping eyes.

Bonnie Jean Higgins 2009

No End To Night


Falling faster then light can move
Quickly sucked into her world of gloom
Struggling to reach the diminishing light
Fighting the fear that holds her so tight
Her heart is in turmoil begging for hope
Her mind is in denial not wanting to cope
A soul receding into the darkening gloom
The nightmare casting a spell on the moon
Traces of feathers at the edge of the cliff
No sign of struggle
No sign of a slip
No trace of her halo
No glimpse of her light
The angel once again
Trying to end her fight
Angels are forever
And so are their wings
No matter how broken
No matter how weak
I cry for the angel who is ending her life
For she will never see the end of night

Bonnie Jean Higgins ~~ December 30, 2009