November & Neptune

There were no seashells to be found
Six days I had looked
Neptune must have been on another shore
I prepare to leave my ocean
I prepare to say goodbye
To the boy with the shadowed eyes
He plans to bring me back soon
But I missed a chance
To dream seashore dreams
To look at the stars
Reflected in my indigo ocean
I failed to capture a picture
Of our shadows in the sand
A feeling of dread comes over me
As sand is traded for pavement
In my heart I knew
I would not be back again

B.J.H. 06-21-2013
Based on events of November 2012 VA Beach

14 Days

Two weeks into Lithium

I still feel some pain

I feel the  lack of me

I cannot find my words

I cannot find the colors in my head

Lithium haze

I want to be me again

I lost Clyde a month ago

Lithium came 14 days ago

Lithium calms Bonniestormcloud

but Steals her words

It’s time to take my Lithium



Half Lit

:: Half Lit ::

My green eyes are half lit

As I sink into thick blankets

Sub-zero July nights are

Colder without Clyde my custom-made heater

I listen to lyrics to a song on a loop

I don’t understand the word

Although I did 2 hours ago

My blueberry smoothie mind

Muses over faded scars

And I wonder about a Thursday

That I don’t remember

July 20, 2012


Pisces Dreams under Scorpio’s Moon

Dreaming Pisces Dreams Under Scorpio’s Moon

My lake of diamond ripples

Enticing my poetic heart

I toss Neptune his coin

Tribute for his beautiful water

 I am Neptune’s daughter

And when I take my last breath

My ashes will go to my father

In the deep ocean depths

But for now I sit content

Dreaming Pisces dreams

At my diamond lake


Bonnie Jean Higgins

Healing My Hurt

Healing My Hurt

Grey storm

Volcano awakes

Scalding geyser

Onslaught of rage

Black, blind

unchecked violence

Colorless downward spiral

Enter the abyss

Indigo blue sky

midnight glass lake

Lost in a dank green forest

Touched by spider webs

Rainbows on Neptune’s waves

Prisms ever-changing

Pink, new

Blushing warmth

Red, black

Volcanic sulfur


Emotions I feel

When healing myself


Bonnie Jean Higgins

This poem was inspired by a workshop I attended and we were asked to write our own definitions for the following words.. these were mine.