Lady of The Dunes

Twas a chill spring night
The moon was low
I saw her walking along the dunes
Oh, how the waves pounded
The beach that night
the ocean angry at the world of light
She was alone, not frightened of being swept away
Thunder rumbled
Wind howled
She was a shimmer of white
In the tempest night
I wanted to hear her fabled moan
But the force of nature
Was to fierce for my mortal soul
But I’ve heard it said
By moon and star
In rain or fog
She walks along the dunes
They don’t say why
Only that she cries
Heard best on bitter cold nights
I plan to comeback to this forgotten shore
And hear a bit more of her story
I believe tis a love she lost
While walking in the storm.

B.J.H. 1-18-05/June 2013
Inspired by Assateague Island and The Legend of Molly Of The Dunes by Ed Ocknowitz

Winter at my poetry spot

:: Glass and Orion ::

It’s a cold winter

My mind is on the ocean

Cool winds in april

Burning stars in October

Have’nt seen Assateague in a couple years

Heard today they might cut of my Lighthouse

Sad news

Life’s yo-yo kept me away

But tonight

I find solace

A little patch of sand

Shore of a glass lake

There is a dolphin in the name

I sit  on a dock  this cold winter night

Rocking peacefully

Star wishing in Orion’s belt

Dreams of an ocean I have not seen

A breeze will carry me there




Aqua Sea 08-25-2005

::Aqua Sea::

Blue and gray
To lavender pink
The twilight horizon in an ocean dream
Her mind is far from the colorful sky
Lost in thoughts of a missed goodbye
Green and blue
To the aqua sea
Eyes of the lovers that were meant to be
Her mind drifts back to their kiss goodbye
He did not see the tear that she cried
Blue to black
To glowing moon
Waves are crashing the march of doom
Her mind comes back to the starlit sea
She sheds a tear for her vanishing dream

Inspired by my trip to Assateague Island

Assateague Island