Stormy Weather

~ Stormy Weather ~

The rain was icy
The wind was chill
The lady stood there on the hill
Immune to the freezing rain coming down
Wearing nothing but a silken gown
Her eyes fixed to a spot on the horizon
A flash of metal had caught her vision
Could it be, after all of this time
That her prince was coming to set things right?
Long ago he went away
A kiss of promise was all he gave
No words or letters to seal their pact
Nothing but a kiss to promise that he would be back
All these nights she has been alone
Looking out into the unknown
Dreaming dreams of a life that could be
If her prince returned on his gallant steed
The sound of hoof-beats jarred her mind
And took her back to that kiss goodbye
Off to war is where he had gone
No word was said as to his return
Just a kiss was all he left
Just a kiss that lingered on her breath
Sounds of laughter brought her around
To the vision before her on the ground
Her prince was on his bended knee
With the ring of Claddaugh for her to receive
Tears escaped her as she touched his face
The promise in his hand she happily embraced
The sign of forever, the circle of time
The Irish wedding band now joined their lives
Hearts entwined, hands together
Into ever after in the midst of stormy weather.


Dreaming through the years 2000-2013

Once I dream t of Camelot
Misty castles along the ocean
Once I dream t of a prince
Who would pledge me his devotion
Once I dream t of stormy skies
And a claddaugh ring on my hand
Once a fallen Angel
With demons in her head
Once alone on Saturn’s rings
Waltzing with the dead
I have dream t so many dreams
In my cherished moonlit nights
I’ve wrote my life’s story
By the warm glow of candlelight
I have dream t so many things
On my perfect fantasy world
I escaped reality and lived in fairy-tales
I still dream of Camelot
And Castles on the shore
But now I am content without a prince
To complicate my world

B.J.H.   August 7, 2013

Hush My Love

:: Hush My Love::

Hush my love and listen
Do you hear it?
Do you hear my voice calling out in the night?

Be still my love and feel
Do you feel it?
My hand brushing your face as you fall into dreams

Hush my love and listen
Do you hear me?
Your name upon my lips as I fall into dreams

Be still my love and feel
Feel me as I lay with you in sleep

In dreams I am your shadow
I visit you every night

In dreams I try to protect you
From the things you cannot fight

Hush my love and listen
To the song of the moon and stars

Look my love and you will see me
In the shadows of your heart

Bonnie Jean Higgins
March 10, 2013


In Dreams

In Dreams



Sadly there will never be
A future holding you and me
Luna plays a vengeful game
And keeps us spinning light years away
Alone I waltz on Saturn’s stardust
Alone I skip in her rings
And you so far on Andromeda’s star
Cannot do a thing
I toss my wishes into the milky way
Praying that they take flight
A nebula of unborn dreams that shall never burn with light
Andromeda spins in her beautiful way taking you along
At least she is there to hold you
And kiss you in the morn.

Bonnie Jean Higgins/All Rights Reserved

Don’t go to summerland yet…

~ Drip-Drip ~

The I.V. drip drips

I look at tired eyes with lines

From a joyful life

I hold a hand

Once strong and calloused

Now weak and trembling

I smile down at him with the love

Only a daughter can give

I.V. drip drips

He closes his wisdom filled blue eyes

Goodnight Daddy

I will see you in the morning


Except for shallow breaths

From my father

My tears spill over as I watch

The I.V. drip drip

For T.M.H.

I love you daddy

Bonnie Jean Higgins 01-o4-2012