Marisol, Chopin, & Bukowski

Chopin came first,
His piano dark, moody
The “Poet” composer,
I slept to his notes.
Bukowski came later,
His words raw and real,
Poetry from the fringe,
Bukowski is inspired
by Alcohol and Chopin,
As am I.


Ship of Dreams

Sail me away in your ship of dreams

Let the star spray sprinkle my hair

Sail me into the ocean of night my love

Let the moonbeams light our way

Show me the planets, the stars, and the sun

Show me the mysteries of space

Let me dance in the milky way my love

Let us waltz to a melody of Chopin

Let us sail away in your ship of dreams

Let the world drift slowly away

Sail us to Paradise my love

Let us forever in dreamland stay.


by Bonnie Jean Higgins 12-13-01

Sagittarius Musings

::Flip-Flop Tan Lines::

White waves rush

to greet coral toe tips

Sand of white powder

Sets off flip-flop tan lines

Silver moon

Illuminates ocean waves

That hum melancholy Chopin

 moon shines down

On receding waves

Powder white sand glitters

Setting off a single pink flip-flop

May 6, 2012