I am not a Mallrat

:: Stormcloud Smiles::

Blue sky

Warm sun

Cool air

Emotions calm

Perfect days

So few and fleeting

Used to darkness

Nightmares and screaming

Mother Earth

Father Sky

Have turned this Stormcloud

Into dazzling Sunshine


Bonnie Jean Higgins

I don’t always get inspired at the mall food court. Strange days we live in.

Write Me Away

Write me away to the place of your dreams

Show me with words the visions you see

Draw me a world holding only you and me

My finger shall trace the words of your pen

As I read them by candlelight with trembling hand


Write me away to the world of your fantasy

Show me with pen-strokes the things that you feel

Draw a place where our destiny awaits

I shall caress the words of your pen in adoration

By the palace gates I will patiently be waiting


I would write you a song that held all of heaven

I would whisper you words that held hints of passion

I could sing you away to the sweet world of dreamland

As I sit here and write you with utmost devotion


by Bonnie Jean Higgins ~ Mid 2003